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Oh yeah, another amazing sport game for your entertainment – ESPN Arcade Baseball is here and we are ready to bring you some mind-blowing action and thrill, especially for those who are big fan of baseball game.

Featuring two different modes: precision hitter and bottom of the ninth, developers sure know well what gamers love and admire. You see, possibility to enjoy different gaming modes is always more than welcome and seeing such option in this arcade game tells us lot about professionalism of ESPN Arcade team.

ESPN Arcade Baseball
Let’s look into these modes closely:

Precision Hitter – classic arcade game where your main objective is to get the highest score available. In this mode you play as batter and you have specific task to target selected areas on the map only. My personal advice would be to somehow hit center of the target, it will give you more points.

Bottom of the Ninth – usual baseball scenario, with running and scoring. In this mode you either score twice or you lose and game ends, simple as that.

Both modes are fun and entertaining, possibility to choose different scenarios makes game more complicated. Another great feature which is also worth mentioning is option to customize your character (batter) or team. You change name of your team, you can change color of your team, you can change skin tone of your team and my favorite one – you can change logo which will be featured on your baseball bat.

As you can see ESPN Arcade Baseball allows us to edit lot of things in the game according to our taste and except that it also offers us interesting gameplay. From my opinion game looks very smooth and realistic, I enjoyed graphics as well as sound and all those small details which is total make one of the best arcade sport games out there.